Monday, July 7, 2014

Altered men's shirt to woman's blouse

I'm making a birthday present for my good friend Patti.  We found this mandarin collar men's shirt that is a good fit at Goodwill.

In our area shirts are between $6.50 and S10.00.

We found a couple complementary shirts too.

We decided we wanted to make the back longer than the front so I made a vertical cut up the center back to just in front of the side seam.

I then let the cut piece fall forward and hang.

I cut it working up parallel to the side seam

I took the bottom section of one of the other shirts and seamed it to the cut I just made.

I started to drape it towards the back just overlapping the seam on the top half of the shirt.

I took some pleats as I went to allow for movement in the back.

It is still in process.

More to come later!

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