Saturday, July 5, 2014

Thrifted to Custom by Master Shoemaker Roberto Herrera

Sometime in 2012 I found this pair of red suede pointy toe flats in a second hand store.  I fell in love.  

I have arthritic toes so can't wear heels anymore.  I like to wear dresses and skirts that would look best with pumps, but no go so... the best substitute is flats with pointy toes giving a bit of an illusion that they are pumps. 

And these were red to boot. 

My magic shoes dressed up any outfit.

I wanted to clone them.  I thought about how many pairs of shoes I've purchased and can't wear because they are too painful. 

I thought about a master shoemaker I knew with a shop next to my favorite Goodwill. 

I decided to ask him to duplicate the shoes. 

The great news was that he said yes, the bad news, he would need to take apart mine to make a pattern.  I'd be without until he was done.

 When he was ready to start I turned over my shoes. 

2 years later (yes 2) he has almost finished them (he says you cannot rush an artist.)

As you can see this pair is red too, but leather not suede. They are truly custom, with shoe lasts (the wood mold) made to match my feet.

I've always promoted people supporting artists buy purchasing directly from the artist so I am happy to show you I am walking to talk.

These are going to be expensive. 

And I say that for the amount of wear I will get from them in the end they will be the best value I've ever had from shoes. Period.
I'm told they will be here in 3 weeks or so.  

Roberto is an expert in fit so I anticipate having the happiest feet I've had in years vs.hurting almost every day.

And I have a fantasy of throwing out all of my other shoes. (size 7.5 anyone?)

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