Saturday, October 3, 2015

Seasons changing!

We are in the middle of a terrible drought in California.  Trees are in distress, lawns are brown and it's been very, very hot.  

So...when it rained for a short time a couple days ago I shouted YAHOO!  And now the weather finally feels like there is a bit of Fall in the air. 

So today I have on a flannel shirt (yummy) and lentil soup on the stove (double yummy).  I'm thinking about what pattern to work on next.

I don't know about you but flannel has been catching my eye lately. I've been dreaming of a nice comfy calf length dress, a variation on the Peggy pattern, done up in red flannels.  With a pair of boots I'd be all set for football games, holiday events, and running errands in style.  At home with slippers - perfect for TV and hand stitching.

So, that is my target.  A dress with the upper part like a Peggy blouse and a special twist on the bottom.  

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