Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mock of of Paganoonoo Booth for Puyallup Sewing Expo, Feb 25-28

I'm doing mock-ups of the Paganoonoo booth for the Puyallup Sewing Expo. It's less than three weeks away, starting on February 25 and runs through the 29th.

Building this feels a bit like replicating one of California's missions for a fourth grade project, but without parental help and more fun. 

I'm thinking of you Wayne Wichern, guru of Visual Merchandising.  
 The decks of cards represent garment racks, the foil represents a mirror. 
 The salt and pepper shakers are dressforms, the upside down custard cups the sales table, and the butter dish cover is the display table. 
The banners are miniatures of what I ordered on VistaPrint. 

George is going to be very happy when he sees this. As my chief logistics person he's been asking exactly what is going to be packed for the show. If this is not it, I'm getting quite close.

If you are going to Puyallup, please to come to one of the 45 minute Paganoonoo "1 Needle Sessions"! I'll be doing a demo, and talking a bit about why upcycling is great for the environment and your budget. 

The cost is $6, and you can register with the Expo folks here
I'll be looking for you!  

Happy Upcycling, 

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