Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Zero waste upcycling?

As I disassemble and reassemble dress shirts, I end up with scraps. 

 Being the kind of person that doesn't like to throw away anything potentially useful, I have A LOT of scraps.

Ever since I heard about Timo Rissanen's Zero Waste Design focus, I've been intrigued.  

My designs are not zero waste, but what if I used up the leftover scraps?  I could make lap / baby blankets.  

I've been experimenting.  
Here is one made recently.  

The scraps are on a piece of wool. I did some free motion quilting that is almost visible. 

Making these is both fun and therapeutic.  Unfortunately it is also time consuming. I'm wishing I could have elves, like the shoemaker, so I could wake up in the morning with all my new scraps transformed into a blanket. Anyone feeling elfish?  Come on over. 

Happy Upcycling,

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