Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tiny Paganoonoo "Patti"

I've long thought that some of the current Paganoonoo upcycle designs would work as children's clothing too, so I decided to start experimenting. 

I selected three boys shirts, ranging in size from 18months (plaid) to an 8.  The base shirt, the one that determines the garment size is a 4T.

I had planned to make a Paganoonoo "Ashlee" blouse however I guess my default is a "Patti".  

I worked on autopilot while watching a vintage noir film and then noticed I had made the cuts for a Patti, not an Ashlee.  

Laughing at myself, I decide to go with the flow.

I played around with the color/pattern distribution.

And sewed on a raw edge cuff
I think the results are adorable

I made the sleeves 3/4 with a raw edges & color blocked cuffs
I left the back hem raw-edged too and then put a pinked seam scrap over the edge to strengthen it. It makes the bottom a bit stiff so it stands out away from the body.

The chair in the background gives a bit of scale. Although it looks full sized it is actually a toddler's size 4T.

Here are a couple final shots of a full sized Patti with Patti Jr.

Paganoonoo Patti Upcycle Design

Wouldn't this be a fantastic Mommy and Me upcycle?
It wouldn't be to difficult to find dress shirts in the same colors. 

Purchase the Patti Blouse instructions here in either PDF or Hard Copy.  The instructions cover all sizes.  Sizing is based on selecting a dress shirt that fits the person's chest and shoulders the way they like.  Everything else is built on that base garment.

Happy Upcycling, Michelle

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