Friday, August 4, 2017

Tiny Paganoonoo #2, the Ashlee, great Mommy and Me opportunity.

Continuing with the thought that many upcycled Paganoonoo designs can be used to make kids garments I tested out the Ashlee blouse pattern, ignoring the bust shaping instructions, and love the results, size 4T.
  The light color of the band brightens the whole blouse and it is embellished with 5 buttons. A few accent bits add interest on one cuff and the back band.  

The ship image on the lower right back was already on the starter shirt. 
The lower back panel was longer than the front. I wanted
 to use the original hem so I added side tucks near the
hem line making the bottom hems line up. 

The sleeves seemed too wide so cutting off the cuffs and making the sleeves narrower towards the bottom seemed like it would help a bit. 

The unexpected bonus was that olling up the sleeve automatically made a cuff narrower than the top of the sleeve, making a slightly gathered effect, which I liked. 

Because the sleeve is so tiny, machine stitching would make it difficult to control the gathering, so I hand stitched the cuffs in place. 
Left to right - tiny "Ashlee"/  adult "Patti"/  tiny "Patti"
Paganoonoo design upcycling instructions:
Great "Mommy & Me" or "Grandma & Me" opportunity!
Paganoonoo Upcycle Designs 

Purchase the Ashlee Blouse instructions in either PDF or Hard Copy.  The instructions cover all sizes.  Sizing is based on selecting a dress shirt that fits the person's chest and shoulders the way they like.  Everything else is built on that base garment.

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