Sunday, May 28, 2023

Paganoonoo Contest - Magnolia Pearl (c) Style Inspired

Embellishment is great way to breathe new life into a garment, especially something a simple as denim.  Magnolia Pearl (c) brand garments have a boho, romantic, shabby chic, grandmacore kind of vibe and frequently feature embellishments.

To enter the contest:

Once your garment is complete and shared on the Paganoonoo Upcycle Sewing Group on Facebook then send a message to Michelle via Facebook.

Here are some progress photos on a pair of overalls I'm working on.
My initial pin up:
Some details as they are sewn on.  I moved things around as I went along.  It turned out that what looked good pinned flat was not necessarily flattering in 3D.  I started to try on at each step, sewing on some of the bigger pieces first.

I had this graphic from a children's book printed up at
The dinosaur patch is from
The bee patch is from 
Then I pinned on a whole lot more!  Probably too much. 
 I am thinking about next steps.  More updates later.
Too see all the entries so far, go to the Facebook group.  Hope to see yours soon!

Happy Upcycling, Michelle Paganini

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