Friday, September 6, 2019

2X Flannel Patti Blouse, Vintage Quilt Pockets and Accent

Paganoonoo Upcycle Sewing - Combo Flannel and Cutter Quilt Pocket
Paganoonoo Upcycle Sewing - Combo Flannel and Cutter Quilt Pocket 
Have you heard of "Cutter Quilts" - quilts that are in too bad a shape to use as a blanket, but still have some parts that are useable?  

I'm thankful that folks are offering them up for sale rather than tossing them. They are perfect for upcycled garment accents. I love that the hard work and craft put into them will be used up to the last scrap.

I've been making upcycled flannels for the rest of this year's shows. Looking to add a special accent I thought it would be a natural pairing to use old quilts for pockets and accents. They create the perfect garment for a fall or winter day. I imagine a crackling fire, good book, chili, cornbread, and a bit of rain or snow.
Paganoonoo Patti upcycled flannel with quilt pockets

The quilt I purchased on eBay had one fabric that disintegrated long before the other fabrics. Unfortunately for the owner the color (purple) was in huge bands all over the quilt. 

One or two fabrics disintegrating before the others seems to be a common problem in old quilts.

In this upcycled 
Paganoonoo Patti top the pockets were very prominent so I added a decorative band above the upper pocket for balance. The right section was almost shredded.  I used a fancy "random" stitch to anchor the layers down.

What looks like a hand blanket stitch from a distance is actually a machine stitch.  Although I would love to have stitched it all by hand, that labor would have priced the shirt out of market range.  I was very careful to keep the straight stitching off of the quilted bit yet keep it right near the edge.
P.S. Best bet to repair a quilt and have it look original?  Use an old apron that has been washed many times.  It will have that same softness and fading as the quilt.
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Next time - When sweaters get moth holes they often get donated... after a good machine washing and drying they can be made into upcycled shirt panels. 

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  1. Your creations are wonderful! Thank you for sharing and starting this blog! Cant wait for more!