Thursday, September 19, 2019

Upcycled Jean Jacket

After attending a workshop with Christine Mayer (Into the Light) on Upcycling and Japanese draping I chose a new approach to upcycling a jean jacket.

Christine's silhouette is often a fitted bodice with roomier hips, one of my favorites.

I began with a traditional jean jacket, opened up the sides, and added bust darts.

I test pinned darts in place until they looked good.

Next step - contouring the back.

I cut vertically along the outsides of the center back panel and pulled in the looser bits, burying the extra under the center back panel.

Again, test fitting was the key to a good fit. I also ended up with one horizontal cut midway that allowed further contouring.

The bottom half of the jacket was draped using a few sets of LevisTM.  I chose an asymmetrical flared application banded with waistbands for the hem.

The variation in denim color is purposeful, as is the placement of the 3 labels in the back.

Because the bottom half is a combination of pieces the inside looked a bit messy.  I chose to line the bottom with quilting weight cotton.

I draped the selvedge edge long the waistband top, pinning it in place.  From there I smoothed out the fabric from the top to the sides and bottoms.  It is entirely hand stitched in place.

A couple folks have suggested they would like this added to the Paganoonoo collection of upcycle sewing instructions.  What do you think?

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Happy Upcycling!  Michelle

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