Thursday, October 15, 2020

The Ultimate Crossbody Jean and Belt Bag - DIY class online by Paganoonoo

We all need bags in our lives, why not have them be super cool and hands free?

Love used denim?  Me too.  Years ago I started to use old pairs of jeans to make bags. 

My inspiration came from a single quilt in the 2006 Gees Bend Quilt Exhibit at the DeYoung Museum. 

This quilt had been made by a farm wife who used all her deceased husband's clothing.  So much of their lives was in that quilt! 

I stood in front of it in awe, looking at every worn spot, every stain, every crease, tears in my eyes.

When I thought about making something practical from used garments I thought of bags. Materials?

Jeans are one of the most commonly worn garments on the planet, and used denim is plentiful.

Denim wears well, fades beautifully with age, and is repairable. 
It is literally the perfect choice to make bags that can last a lifetime.  

Over time I found the most practical, durable & successful versions of upcycled bags turned out out to be a crossbody bag with a belt for a strap.  

Great for the farmers market, shopping, day tripping, or traveling, they are indispensable. People love them and are fascinated by the reuse of practical items.

In this course you will save time and money with access to the most effective methods, for making this type of bag, including tips and tools for working with the thick seams in jeans. In 40 minutes you will learn everything you need to know to make your own bags.
Click here for 1) a free preview of sample bags and 2) an outline of the curriculum (scroll down on the opening page).

The course is hosted on Teachable and is self paced. You can revisit it as many times as you would like.

The greenest resources we have are those that have already been processed and can be used again.  Start using your resources today!

Enroll Here
Yes you may make small batch production runs to sell if you would like to sell. 

P.P.S. No the video class may not be shared with others, selling my courses and designs is how I make my living - thank you.  If you would like to discuss discount pricing for a group viewing then please contact me at to make arrangements.

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