Friday, November 20, 2020

Nylon Nightgown Repaired With Cashmere - Michelle Paganini

I just repaired a thrifted nightgown with a patch made from a moth-hole-riddled cashmere scarf.  It started  as a small hole which I ignored. It grew. And grew.  Soon it was more than 12" long, and then a second hole appeared. Although the nightgown was a favorite, I set it aside, thinking it was done.Then I looked at similar nightgowns on eBay.  First of all the color and style were difficult to find and seemed to be quite expensive (for my preferences). Hmmm.

I thought of repairing the gown, but with what?  Silk? Hmmm, slippery.

Then my friend Antoinette at Happy Dragon Thrift Shop rescued a moth-hole riddled scarf from going into the rag bin and saved it for me.  She knows that any cashmere, no matter how damaged, I will use. 
I washed the scarf in hot water and dried it in a hot dryer.  I cut out a section and laid it on my ironing board.  I layered the nightgown on top.  Bonus - very little slipping.  Some light pinning and I started to hand stitch. 
The long edges of the nightgown's hole curled under, so stitched down quite nicely. There was one hole in the scarf section that I decided to reinforce and leave, just for fun.

I think the cashmere will hold up well and work perfectly.  The remainder of the scarf will become a bed wrap.

Happy Repair and Upcycling!

Michelle Paganini

P.S. - Michelle creates upcycle sewing designs and writes tutorials for home sewists (like a pattern but with no pieces to print a cut.  Super flattering, room for hips and bellies and simple to sew. The Ellie and Patti are good choices to start.

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