Monday, July 26, 2021

New Paganoonoo Design - The Carol Jacket

 Paganoonoo has a brand new design - the Carol Jacket! 

Based on a classic Japanese field coat, or Hanten, this versatile unlined unisex jacket can be made in 2 formats:  1) upcycled from dress shirts or 2) from denim jeans.

What is different about this design vs. typical Paganoonoo designs?  It is an actual pattern - printed PDF - you print tiled on your home printer or send to the print shop vs. deconstruction and reconstruction instructions.
With the Carol jacket you are cutting apart the starting garments to make color-blocked "fabric" that is then used to cut out each pattern piece. 

You decide how to distribute the shades & colors: light/med/dark.

Here pattern tester Lucy Sisson chose dress shirts in a muted palette of lavender shades.  Note that the dress shirt sleeves are used to make the jacket sleeves and the sleeve cuffs make the jacket cuffs.

Pattern tester Laura Fairchild also made her jacket from dress shirts but chose a bold palette.  It reminds me of Amish quilts.

Pattern Tester Marcia Mitchell made a multicolored denim version with large appliques and decorative ribbon.

Pattern Tester Kathleen O'Brien chose to add her embellishment to the front band and carried the original leather label forward to adorn a pocket.

The sleeves on the denim version are wider than the dress shirt.  This is to comfortably accommodate a sweater underneath without feeling constricted. 

Here I am modeling my version of the jacket made in jeans:

For a more in-depth overview watch this
YouTube introduction.

Make your own version today!  Perfect for any season, suitable for advanced beginners.
Purchase in Paganoonoo's Etsy shop.

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