Monday, April 10, 2023

Paganoonoo Judy Flower - easy scrap buster, great for gifts

Fabric flowers are fun to make, a great way to use scraps, easily dress up an outfit, and are terrific gifts. How to get started?

Paganoonoo has a set of illustrated instructions that walk you through every step. You will learn about sizing, fabrics, construction techniques and more.

This example uses shirting fabric from a man's shirt (perfect way to use leftovers from making Paganoonoo garments) and cashmere salvaged from a moth eaten sweater:

The fabric is added on layer by layer:

One option for a flower center is a faux seed head. 
In this case cashmere was selected in a matching color. Other options include a carnation like center and one that looks more like stamens.

Once attached the flower is complete:

In this example quilting cotton was used and the seed head fabric is left over from a dress shirt:

Below: In the top example the center is carnation-like. 
The one on the bottom is more like a stamen type.The one on the left is a variation using pinked felted wool circles in the center.

What colors would you like to make?  
Turn your scraps into treasures today!
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