Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Designed for car mechanics, perfect for the sewing room!

This handy tool is a telescoping magnet. 

It extends like an old fashioned car antenna, and the magnet is on the tip.  Designed for picking up nuts and bolts, etc., dropped when working on a car, guess what else it works for?

Pins and needles on the floor.  Yup, I drop them all the time.

The studio has a wooden floor, and pins and needles made a tiny "plink" sound when they hit.  

When I've swept up the floor, there they are amongst the bits of thread and fabric scraps. Sometimes there are enough that it is easier to take out my magic wand (aka magnet stick) and pick them up.

Not a necessary tool, but a fun one.  And helpful when pins and needles fall in hard to reach places.  

Happy Upcycling, 


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