Thursday, January 28, 2016

New pattern, the Cindy Blouse

It's official!  The 7th Paganoonoo pattern, The Cindy Blouse, is now for sale on ETSY.

This blouse has a high-low hem, roomy hips, 3/4 sleeves with cuffs and a double collar (double collar pattern included with purchase.) The side panels are upside down sleeves. The three shirts are mixed for a color-blocked effect. 

The cover version was made with 3 men's dress shirts. The curvy decorative panel really catches the eye.  

Perfect with slacks, jeans, a pencil skirt, or skinny pants.  Looks particularly good in bold stripes with a high contrast decorative panel and collar. 

As Always, Happy Upcycling!


P. S. Thank you Jessica for making this the best illustrated Paganoonoo Pattern to date! 

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