Monday, February 15, 2016

Embellishing a Split Double Collar With Mother of Pearl Buttons

When I made the Cindy blouse cover garment I really wanted to use the collar that matched the decorative front panel, so I did.
There was one issue, that the second collar was much smaller, leaving a big gap center back.  I finished the edges nicely, but it needed something more. I tried a big and beautiful mother-of-pearl button.  One was not enough.
No problem, I pulled out the rest of my stash.  As you can see i am a fan of MOP buttons. 

Once upon a time I covered a good portion of a jean jacket with MOPs.  Wish I still had it.  I gave it away and I hope the recipient wears it and enjoys it. 

I'd like to do that again so my big stash looks small to me : >.

So I started to audition combinations of 3 buttons, looking for just the right balance:

Hard to see but the bottom one was too dark.
The smallest one is too small
The smallest one is too big and too white
Nice size balance, but the smallest one is too plain.
Perfect size balance and the smallest one has more interest
 because of the ring.

Time to sew on the buttons

I like the smaller ones tucked under and the asymmetric placement.

The back of this shirt is plain so having the double collar and the buttons creates an interesting focal point. 

If you'd like to make your own version you can get the Double Collar and Cindy Blouse patterns here.

Give yourself an upcycling advantage with Paganoonoo pattern instructions!  Upcycle sewing made simple. Etsy Shop.
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  1. The buttons do add a beautiful detail in the back. I love this shirt. Well done. Cheers, Michele