Friday, January 20, 2012

I've been teased about wearing so much red.

I do it because I know it looks good on me and I am vain enough to regularly take advantage of a sure thing. I went along with a friend to see John Kitchner in Oakland where John did a color analysis for her.  I thought to myself I already know what looks good on me (red) so I don't need a consultation with John.  I thought about it more over the next few weeks and decided to go 1) to see if my color sense was on track (mostly) and 2) to find out what colors I was not taking advantage of.

Turns out I look great in seafoam green and many other greens and blues.  I had almost none of these colors in my wardrobe already.  Yesterday I picked up a beautiful seafoam green cut velvet scarf at Goodwill in Menlo Park for $8.  I'll post a picture tomorrow.

If you are in the SF Bay Area I highly recommend John Kitchener for color analysis:

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