Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Petersham Ribbon Shoelaces and Too Short Hair

You know that thing  - when you get up in the morning -  and absolutely need to modify something in your wardrobe so you can wear it that day? That happened to me this morning.  
The catalyst goes a few days back when I went for a haircut and decided to so something I've been thinking about for years, cut my hair super short to see what it would look like, hoping it would look fantastic so I could leave that way forever.

Here is what I looked like just before the cut (my husband George was doing a head shot for someone else so I asked him to take one of me too.)  I know, my hair looked good.

Background: I am a very curvy pear shaped lady with tiny hands and feet. That in and of itself is not a problem.  I like my body.  I typically use design principles to create balance in my appearance with chunky jewelry or other methods of creating visual weight near my face. Notice the big pearl earrings, layered necklace and pin in the picture above.

After the new haircut cut... my hair is now about 1/2" long in the back and sides, with a 1.5" patch on the front top (think mohawk).  Let me explain why I think this might not have been the best idea:

  • It turns out that I do not have a skull shape that makes short cuts look so appealing (you know that full round head like babies have.) 
  • In fact I have a flat spot on the top back of my head, darn!!
  • My head now has a decidedly different appearance (see reference to non-round skull above.)
I've discovered that if I want to counter this state of affairs, then I need to put on full makeup every day, and wait for my hair to grow back out.  I was looking to make getting ready in the morning easier, HAH!

This whole state of affairs makes getting dressed annoying.  This morning I picked out an oversized teal/green silk tunic purchased from the ladies at URU (fellow artists with great clothes) and a pair of black tights.  To top it off, I need the black Oxfords I upcycled with Lumiere metallic teal paint ala "Sassy Feet" style.

The Oxfords are close fitting so combining them with an oversized tunic, bullet head, and having shoes that make my feet look particularly small did not work for me.

Another wardrobe strategy I use is to replace skinny shoes laces with chunkier versions.  In this case I'd bought petersham ribbon at Britex (BTW they are moving in a few weeks) to match the paint job and had threaded one shoe months ago and then stopped. "Squirrel" apparently happened. So this morning I used a very small screw driver to coax the other ribbon through the holes.  
Aside:  The difference in grosgrain (JoAnn's) and petersham (Britex) ribbon is that petersham is woven with curved edges which are easily pressed into curves and is often used as a stabilizer on really nice dress skirt waistbands. 


So, with the goal of counterbalancing my smaller appearing head/tiny shoe issue I put on my lipstick and got to work.  I found the second piece of petersham ribbon in my studio in under 30 seconds, a miracle. 

Pressing forward it occurred to me that I could share photos of the process and my paint job, so here we are.  You've now had a peek into my brain and my fashion strategies. 

The weight of the ribbons is more than skinny traditional oxford laces.  They are eye catching and conversation starters and they make me happy. It's only hair, it will grow out.

Happy Upcycling,


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