Sunday, November 12, 2017

Upcycled Boro Style Jean Jacket #2, Part 1

I've always found used jeans irresistible, the velvety softness they get over time, the fading indigo dye. 

You may have seen my original boro inspired upcycled kimono-style jean jacket on this blog (post 1), (post 2), or on Pinterest. 

I made it for an upcycling contest at the Canada College fashion department a couple years ago.
Many folks have asked if I sell the jackets and/or instructions.  I've only made one jacket so far and have not sold it.  I am planning to develop written instructions and video class.  I've started jacket #2 and am beginning the process of instruction development.

Developing a pattern/instructions, written or filmed, so others can make your design begins with sewing the newly developed design 4-5 times to find consistent and simple methods for construction. 
Once that is done I begin photographing every step and making a written outline.

Here I'm auditioning a belt for the new jacket.  The leather needs to be a bit supple or it cannot be sewn through.  You can see that I have a collection of jeans in various stages of age/fading.  I prefer 100% cotton or as close as I can get.

The next key supply is a waffle kimono robe. 
I use the robe as a base to build on. 

They are surprisingly hard to find in my local thrift stores.  My niece suggested checking with local hotels for their discarded guest robes - brilliant!
 Me upcycling in the studio.  I have the luxury of a dedicated room for Paganoonoo work.
The neck area is curved so I've used bias cut strips in order to mold to kimono's shape.

Notice the  pocket-stitching outline on the right shoulder? 

When jeans are disassembled variations in the indigo color show up.

For me, the toughest part of designing the jacket is deciding on placement & proportion of lights, mediums, and darks, and making certain the end result is a pleasing arrangement.
 Although the light section on the back is already sewn on in a grid pattern, I'm not liking it.  Going to try something different.  My seam ripper got a workout.

You can see here that some of the back section has already been removed. See the follow-up post here.

March 2018 update: 
Upcycling instructions now available for this jacket!!
Paganoonoo = upcycling made easy!  

Start upcycle sewing today with Paganoonoo's upcycling instructions.

Happy upcycling,


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