Saturday, November 18, 2017

Upcycled Boro Style Jean Jacket #2, Part 2

I'm continuing to develop upcycling instructions for this jacket design.  
This is where the last post left off...
Michelle Paganini working on her upcycled boro style jean jacket.
The light section is too large

Bias cut denim
With me contemplating the back of the jacket and starting to make adjustments to create a better balance of lights, mediums, and darks.  The original back had a very large light blue section and it was just too much.
I added more dark sections on the right side and continued to create the collar by wrapping bias pieces around the collar band.
Here is the inside.  As you can see the collar bands don't necessarily wrap neatly to the inside.  This can be fixed later and at the end I will use bias tape to finish the edge on the inside.
In the sequence below I am experimenting with  various light dark combinations.
Not my favorite,  doesn't seem flattering.
I like the circle better but it seems too small.
I like the larger circle and it seems like the balance could be even better.  The focus is a bit top heavy with most of the darker section on the top half of the garment.  Great if you want to emphasize shoulders but that is not my goal.  I had intended that this garment work for a woman who prefers more of an hourglass curvy type of design emphasis.
This is the final configuration I chose.  I like the circles almost "appearing" out of the arrow shape above.  I like the graduated size of the circles, smaller to larger, and angled to one side, mimicking a waist to hip transition.
I sewed the circles on by stitching around each one three times.  It looks arty and keeps the process easy as there is no need to try to get a single stitch line just perfect.  
Final version #2 of Paganoonoo's upcycled boro style jean jacket: 3/4 Back View.  The balance looks fantastic from this angle!
I added on a closure by cutting up a man's belt and sewing it on using a jean needle and going very, very slowly.  It skipped in a couple places so I brought thread up from underneath by hand to pull it back down again. Also left beginning and ending threads super long so I could bring them to the back by hand secure them.
Final version #2 of Paganoonoo's upcycled boro style jean jacket: Front View
Final version #2 of Paganoonoo's upcycled boro style jean jacket: Back View.
A couple friends agreed to model.


Thank you Claire and Barb! 

The cycle for developing upcycling instructions / patterns for sale starts with 1) an idea / new design and then 2) 3-5 prototypes until I've developed consistent and reproducible methods, then 3) photographs of each step, 4) turned into line illustrations, 5) written instructions, 6) proofing, 7) pattern testing, etc.  As you can imagine it takes months to complete the cycle.  My commitment is that when you purchase Paganoonoo designs, you have been set up for success!

On to #3 and #4, I already have two more waffle robes lined up, one blue and one Kermit the frog green, LOL. 

March 2018 update:
Upcycling instructions now available for this jacket!!

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  1. So is the inside of the jacket also denim or is it the waffle robe material?

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