Friday, May 22, 2020

Upcycled Palazzo Pants - Michelle Paganini

Hi, I am Michelle Paganini and I love to upcycle clothing.

I've been craving comfortable wide-legged pull on pants.

Really wide, along the lines of palazzo pants/ bloomers wide.

The fall 2014 Magnolia Pearl collection featured a pair of super oversized upcycled patch-worked jeans.

They have been on my mind since I first saw them and they were my inspiration.

I started with a modified Tina Given pattern, the Jaqueline pants.
I laid out the paper pattern (front and back are exactly the same) and layered bits of denim from old jeans.  The layering overlaps by at minimum 1/2" and often much more than that. As much as possible color and texture are mixed up, with pockets and circles added in at times.
I've collected different colored cast jeans off for just this reason.  I prefer 100% cotton for the beautiful fraying but sometimes work with blends as well.

 There are a variety of different stitches holding the pieces together, some fancy, some just random back and forth. In all cases the seams are a least double sewn to reduce the chance of breaking down over time as most of the edges were left raw and will ravel.  The top 5"  use a lighter shirt weight denim, reducing the bulk around the waist.

I've been sewing for over 40 years and had to laugh when I discovered I had made 3 left sides and 1 right side. Darn!

The pant seams were sewn together with a simple straight stitch, pressed to one side, and top-stitched down making mock felled seams.  Elastic in a casing makes them pull on.
Are they comfortable? Yes! Paired with a top that is fitted across the shoulders&bust and flared over the waist&hips I think it makes an adorable combination.

The t-shirt was modified to "fit and flare" using Paganoonoo "Ellie" upcycle sewing instructions.  The refashion makes plenty of room for hips, bellies and bottoms.

The Paganoonoo collection of upcycle / refashion sewing instructions contains very flattering and comfortable designs for all body types. For more information about fit visit, the "Getting Started" tab.
The Paganoonoo Boro-Style Jean Jacket has a similar vibe to the pants and contains artistic design tips on combining various colors of denim.

See additional blog posts on this jacket here.

Happy Upcycling!  Michelle

P.S.  Create simple upcycle sewing projects with free video tips!  I show you how to add a double color to a dress shirt, combine color and pattern with confidence, shorten sleeves to ¾ and add a decorative cuff, and more!  Register for free today!


  1. MIchelle, those are adorable! And perfect with the top. I flipped right and left shoulder seams the other day...apparently time served does not make us immune from 'learning opportunities.'

  2. Your new wide leg pants are so artistic and fun ...I love them! Great outfit earrings to toes!

  3. I love these pants! I especially love the slight taper at the bottom. I also like your new profile photo at the bottom with overalls.