Friday, May 27, 2016

No Thigh Gap LOL

I had my DNA tested recently to find out my ancestry and some inherited traits.  They did not test any marker related to thigh gap but if they had I know what the answer would have been - 0% chance of thigh gap, LOL.  

Well I recently bought a pair of NMDJ skinny jeans at the thrift store, obviously originally owned by someone with a similar genetic make up as the inner thigh was worn out.  The thing is otherwise they were a perfect fit and length, so..... time to use my mending skills.
Worn out inner thigh on skinny jeans

Solution to worn out inner thigh - use a bit of the yoke from a dress shirt, already in double layers, and almost the right shape.
The trick was to find a dress shirt with a similar color blue.  The best match in my scraps was not a solid, but the print is subtle.
Both sides have been zig zagged in place.  None of the wear showed in a normal standing position so for a spilt second I considered not repairing them and then I remembered how much I bend over gardening.  P.S. I used a zig-zag stitch because I believe it will provide a bit more stability and less stress on the fabric so it doesn't tear again soon.
The fabric was part synthetic and had a bit of a prickly feel so I opted to remove the pieces under the patch.   I pinked the edges and left enough fabric inside the zig-zag to account for future fraying. 

There was some wear just above the back of the heels so I decided to patch that too.  As you can see in the photo I used a bit of the front placket and adjacent fabric.
I know the patch looks a different color here - just the way the photo turned out.  In this case I left the edges raw/pinked again. I  did a bit of quilting over the patch as I though it would sag otherwise.

All set to wear my mending proudly!

Happy Upcycling,  


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