Thursday, December 24, 2015

If you'd like to attend sewing nirvana...

Come join the tens of thousands of fellow stitchers attending the Expo in Puyallup, Washington State, USA.  The show is:

        Thursday Feb. 25, - Sunday Feb. 28. 

Check out the catalog, Sewing and Stitchery Show Catalog 2016, so you can start to plan which seminar(s) you'd like to attend and see the amazing list of vendors. 

The Paganoonoo sessions are titled 1656, Upcycle Sewing! 
and will be given on: 

Thursday @2:30,  
Friday @4:30,  
Saturday @2:30

I'd love to see you there!
Paganoonoo will also have a booth so look for us.

Happy Upcycling,  Michelle

P.S. - Buy currently released patterns here

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