Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New favorite sewing tool this year

When I was in Puyallup at the Sewing Expo in February earlier this year I found an AMAZING sewing tool, the Quick Ripper, which is a battery powered seam ripper.

P. S. I'm not getting anything out of recommending it.

After 40+ years of sewing I still use a seam ripper constantly. In addition to fixing mistakes, sometimes I'm just disassembling garments for upcycling. This battery powered seam ripper looks like a hair trimmer.

It works reliably and rips through seams very fast. I've saved  hours of hand ripping this year.  I did need to learn how to hold it so the fabric doesn't get ripped.  Wouldn't recommend it for delicate fabrics but it is a dream for most others.

I keep mine next to my sewing machine. It rests in a pink glass bunny just like this:

Don't you just adore a new and useful sewing tool?

Happy upcycling,


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  1. I saw one of those on Amazon and thought it looked cool. Then I realized it looked just like the paw trimmer (for dogs) that I had picked up at a yard sale for a buck. And an awful lot like my husband's beard trimmer. Indeed it works great and I too have saved hours on ripping. Highly recommended tool.