Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Super Easy Hostess / Travel Gift 2.0 - Travel Bag for a Wrap

Post Part II of easy hostess / travel gifts made from vintage linens.  

When I travel I like to bring along a wrap, especially for airplane flights. 
I don't want to wear the wrap all of the time and having a balled up wrap in my purse or carry-on is a recipe for a wrinkled and snagged disaster.  Vintage linen bag to the rescue!  Some of those smaller hand towels and dresser scarves are just the right size to make a wrap case.Making the casing is as simple as sewing two to three seams.  The instructions are the same as on the first post. 

Fold the wrap into a long double or triple layer. Make it about the same width as a small collapsible umbrella.  Then roll the wrap into a tube.  Rolling decreases the wrinkling and makes it easy to slide into the tube shape.  Check the size against the linen you would like to use for the tube. 

You can see here that the tube not too tight, but the friction of the two fabrics together will keep the wrap from sliding out. 

Ideally the wrap will slide in past the opening an inch or two to provide the most protection.

Want to know the super unexpected bonus?  When the wrap is in the casing it can be used for neck support.  Got to love dual duty.

I don't know about your thrift/charity shops in your area but in San Jose, CA, I see pashmina scarves for under $5 all the time.

I take them home and wash them in the machine (seems wrong, I know) and they almost always turnout fine, perhaps a bit more felted. So with an inexpensive piece of vintage linen and a thrifted pashmina you can make a wonderful gift.

Part three of the travel set to be posted soon!

Happy Upcycling,  Michelle

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