Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Original 'Advanced Style' Ladies, San Francisco

Several years ago I was in San Francisco with my husband George having lunch when we spotted The Twins out the window.  
 As always, people were asking to take pictures with them and with gracious patience they posed with every single one of us.  
 I had seen the twins in San Francisco before over the years.  Every time felt magical.  They always dressed alike and with flair.  
 Marian & Vivian Brown were icons of San Francisco as surely as the Golden Gate Bridge.  

 They left us in 2013 and 2014 after bringing joy to probably millions of people.  What a simple gift they gave and what a huge contribution. 

We lost quite a number of family members this year. Each of them contributed in a unique way and is sorely missed.  

With so many losses happening in senseless ways, it reminds me that I should give my best now, and everyday, because you just don't know whose life you touch, the difference you make, and if you will have a chance to do it again.  

Happy Holidays, Michelle  

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