Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Design Features - comparison, Cindy Blouse

I'm working on the sample garment for the "Cindy" pattern cover.  

No I did not make two, I've created a mirror image.  The design has a decorative panel on the front that echoes the silhouette of bust, waist, hip. I typically work with men's dress shirts, but for this sample I used a woman's dress shirt.  Why does that make any difference? Drumroll please... they button on opposite sides!

My design intent is that the panel be on the left side. Looking at the image below, any guesses as to why?

If you read left to right (not all cultures do) then you look at the garment left to right too. And with the decorative panel on the left the garment is divided by the color blocking in a very flattering way, making the wearer look slimmer. 

With it on the right side the eye has to travel over more territory until it gets to the color blocking, losing the "slimming" effect. 

Since I started this sample with a woman's garment and was well into it before I caught the difference I went ahead anyway.  

It's quite instructive to see the two versions side by side.  I added the mock flower in an attempt to balance the color blocking, but it doesn't really solve the problem. Arrrgh  

Speaking of sides, here is the actual side which is also color blocked.  

Happy Upcycling, 


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