Thursday, January 21, 2016

Upcycled pin cushion: Cashmere, Velvet, and Leather

 Some years ago I made myself a wrist pin cushion using ribbing from a sweater for the cuff.  I made the cushion with a bit of moss green silk velvet from a 
Thai Silk scrap grab bag. (FYI - the Los Altos, CA, store is out of business.)

As you can see the cuff had gotten ragged.
It was
 loose and rolling around on my wrist. 
The cushion is still great.
So I removed the old cuff, and auditioned some new ones. 
When I upcycle sweaters I save the cuffs and bottom bands. 
I chose a luscious double layer red cashmere, measured my wrist and cut a strip of cashmere. I sewed one end on with a whip stitch.  Then the other* 

*I forgot to take a picture but under the Getta Grip Clips and cashmere, you can just see the patch of leather* I glued onto the back to keep pins and needles from poking my wrist. This method works like a charm to guard the wrist. Previously I had sewn a leather patch underneath the cuff but I think this will work better and it requires less hand sewing.

*The leather came from FABMO, a .org distributor of designer showroom samples, located in Mt View, CA. Amazing stuff diverted from the landfill.
After I put the glue on, I stacked a box of crayons on it.  When I started to work on it later that day I noticed the glue was still wet on the edges, hence the clips.

Did you know that if you cut apart old pincushions before tossing them you will find a million missing needles in the middle? Often when I can't find a needle I just squeeze the silk velvet until one pops out. 

Tomorrow I will be able to use my beloved wrist cushion again.  I'll keep replacing the cuffs as long as the cushion holds out.
Here is another wool ribbing pin cushion.  In this case it was very thick felted wool with no stretch.  I rolled a tiny bit for the middle and just kept going. I hand sewed the bottom together and then the top outside edges.  I love how heavy it is because it stays put.

And lastly my cutest wool pin cushion.  I bought it from BackStitch Chicks on Etsy but they don't seem to be stocking their store anymore. 

It is really cute and I can hardly bring myself to put pins in it, 
so it is perched on the extra thread spindle on top of my sewing machine 
and is mostly reserved for hand sewing needles. 

Happy Upcycling,


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