Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Pilled Plaid

 When I was making the Cindy pattern prototype I looked through my 150+ shirt collection for colors to use.  I found a orangish-yellow solid and needed something to pair it with.  

I found a match but was hesitant to use this shirt because the flannel was pilled.  I decided to give my d-fuzz-it tool a chance to work magic. Looks like new! I hadn't used this tool on a woven before but I can clearly see it is effective on flannels. 
 I normally eliminate pilled garments as a possibility and don't buy them unless they are wool, which happens to clean up beautifully. I was surprised I'd purchased this shirt as the fabric quality is not that great (woman's shirt, typical) and I'm guessing that I could not resist the color combo despite the not-so-great quality fabric.  Glad I did.

Happy Upcycling, Michelle

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  1. Hi Michelle--I'm so happy to have found your site (love your profile pic by the way!). I just came across your article in the March 2015 issue of "Threads," and had to research you online to find out more. What great projects you have! I'm renewed with hope to use a de-piller (sp?) for flannels and knits. That's impressive--looking forward to reading more of the archives here. Keep up the impressive work!