Monday, August 7, 2017

Beaded bracelet display hands getting an upgrade and new sample cuff

Prep for the Santa Clara Bead and Design Show continues.  

I found plaster hands at the thrift store that look like they
are perfect for display for beaded bracelets.
My granddaughter volunteered to paint them a lighter color 
and then paint them with nail polish. She's doing a terrific job.
I'm going to make example bracelets for both wrists.  

I the meantime I completed another sample bracelet
and my neighbor Jill agreed to model.
 I found the perfect buttons for the closure
It looks great on her!
 I am really having a lot of fun with this.  For years I've been looking at beaded jackets and trying to think of what could be done with them.  Such beautiful work!   

What is not obvious looking at the bracelet is that it is mounted on leather, suede side down so it is very comfortable.  Where did I get the leather?  From a thrift store leather jacket.  I disassembled 2 jackets while catching up on Game of Thrones.  Yes I am a SciFi / Fantasy nerd.

I had a few scraps too small for a bracelet so I made a bookmark.

There is still time to register for the 8/12/17 cuff/bracelet class in Santa Clara, CA at the Bead and Design Show. $65 covers all class materials.  There is a separate admission fee.  Location: Santa Clara Marriot.

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