Monday, August 28, 2017

Cynthia modeling her Paganoonoo's

My dear friend Cynthia is a Paganoonoo aficionado.  We just spent the weekend visiting and I asked Cynthia to pose for some candid shots. She looks fantastic in all of them.
This is Cynthia's newest blouse.
It was made following the Paganoonoo "Ellie" pattern.

This one is made with a Anime print blouse, part of a flannel shirt, and a lime green skirt covered with green netting, following the Paganoonoo "Patti" Pattern.


This blouse is a one-of-a-kind custom made for Cynthia (no pattern available.)  It was made from 2 dress shirts and part of a cashmere sweater. 

This last one is not actually Cynthia's and she offered to model it anyway.  It is made from a tie dyed upcycle t-shirt and parts of several dress shirts.  I used the "Ellie" instructions.

 Thank you Cynthia for modeling

Happy Upcycling! Michelle

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