Tuesday, May 8, 2012

lined bag & still slow going - TGBM status

Today I made another lined bag with an outside and inside pockets and a closure (all feedback suggestions) using my Featherweight machine.  It has a stronger engine but still it is tough getting over the really bulky seams and sews slower than I can feed it.

This bag turned out alright but took about 4.5 hours - not feasible to sell and recoup labor.

I wonder if anyone I know has an industrial machine I could borrow to try out?

I also ordered some sample closures to try out, magnetic and clasps.  Moving forward!

TGBM Status:

Thrifted: Jean shorts made from thrifted jeans (2012)
Gifted: Black cap sleeve peasant blouse (thanks Angela Guido 2011), necklace (2007?)
Bought Retail: Loafers (2011), earrings (1983?), pendant (2010)
Made: nada

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