Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Prepping to sell bags

I'm on my way to selling jean bags!!

I've sewed 6 bags in the last two days.  It's been great fun to sew up the bags and let the designs evolve on their own.  I can see that when I have sewn enough of them I will develop a favorite set of techniques.

I had an interesting idea for tags.  I've seen sewing machine stitching on paper before so I applied the idea.  I took the blog cards I had printed and sewed them to a piece of jean fabric and added a twill tape loop.

I also had an idea for a display stand: a post with recycled forks for hooks for the bags (in keeping with the recycled jean theme.)  George is going to help me make the post and stand.

I ordered the forks from an artist on Etsy: JJEvensenArt.

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