Wednesday, May 30, 2012

template for bags

Today I made a couple of templates for bags (tag board rectangles) and started working assembly style.

I started with a big pile of jeans and using the template cut strips to the right height to match the template.  I then worked from the newly cut pile to assemble and pin together pieces. Once I had a pile of sides I started sewing each side one at a time and some straps. 

I also experimented with making an outside pocket with decorative reverse applique - really fun.

Next - make zippered pouches for the insides and linings and assemble.   Oh - one more thing, before I assemble the sides I will check to see if reverse applique (using a contrast of light to dark) will enhance any of the sides and add as needed. I will also make certain that there is an outside pocket on at least one of the sides.

Still having a great time!

Working with jeans to deconstruct them for some reason makes me think of animal skins - vegetarian animal skins.  I particularly like 100% cotton jeans that are worn to velvety softness.  I you have any lurking in your "about to go to Goodwill" bag I want them.

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