Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What's happening lately

We are gearing up for my husband's imminent retirement - great news!

And on the bag front I've continued to experiment.  I tried sewing jean parts directly to a lining fabric which worked okay and required a bit more planning about what layer would be on top or bottom.  A lining makes a bag heavier.

I didn't make the first half any faster, in fact I had trouble with my machine stalling so it felt  like it took forever on the first half. The second half was very fast as I made it with only top-to-bottom length strips and I loved the look.

And... we went out looking for something to use as a display stand for the bags and found the coolest door at Urban Ore in Berkeley.  

http://urbanore.com/ has Three acres of recycled goods in the San Francisco Bay Area.
My new door is an old style interior door with a mirror on one side which will be perfect for displaying at outdoor events.  George is going to find a way to make it stand up. 

It will be painted an orange (that is complementary to blue-jean blue) and will have those magical forks from Etsy for hooks. 

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