Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sold one!!!

Bag news for the day: I sold one!!! One of my fellow students at Canada bought one of my prototype bags. What a great feeling.

Also, I went to my favorite sewing machine guy, Gordan, in the Viking shop in Willow Glen and checked out a heavy duty machine. It can be used with button hole twist thread and is more powerful than my machines. The downside was that it can not climb up and down lumpy areas, darn! It would be very helpful for certain types of tasks but not sure enough to spend $700+ right now. Gordan said that some additional types of feet would make it more versatile so add on $40+ per foot.

I started a Word table yesterday of potential features (like linings) and techniques I've been using (like reverse applique) and comments on each, such as level of perceived value, effort needed or problems with execution. I'm working up to an effort/impact analysis. I think this information will help me understand which equipment is worth investing in and how I can optimize throughput time.

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