Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Alright, I might as well admit it, I'm becoming addicted to stopping at ALL thrift stores I pass.

I stopped at one today and found two athletic wear tops--which I always seem to run short of. How could I go wrong at $3.99 a piece? Not having a clean top can be the tipping point to not exercising and who needs one more excuse?  I resisted buying a third top that would have needed altering.

I also passed up on a green pant suit. I want more color in my wardrobe and green is good on me in certain shades but I think this shade just wasn't right because I found myself looking in the mirror trying to make it work when it was really just so-so. I already have too many pieces of clothing to bring home anything so-so, even when it will not contribute to "Abundant Black Disorder (ABD)" (March 6, 2012).

I had a conversation with myself that I should remove a piece of clothing for every one I bring home.  Easier said than done.  At one point last December I tried an exercise where I listed individual pieces of clothing and in the next column my thoughts and considerations about them, excerpt below.  

Making the list did help me take an objective look at some pieces and see what worked and what really just needed to be given away. What is gone as of today is highlighted in red, what should be tossed and is not yet is in pink.

Just think what might happen if I did this for my entire wardrobe.  Hmmmm...

White buttondown (bought 2010)

Red buttondown (bought 2010) a bit tired and worn at the cuffs, fabric is lightweight so needs to be tucked in and belted
Navy w/ red daisies buttondown (thrifted 2011)  brilliant and works untucked
Black hoodie travelsmith (bought 2008?) one of my very favorites
Crossroads jacket patterns: 
 - green and rust (made 2009) George doesn't like these, I do
 - Red and black (made 2009) George doesn't like these, I do
 - Red and black (made 2011) George doesn't like these, I do
Niagra Falls pattern
- Blue and black w/ Geisha
(made 2009)
I like it but it needs good slim pants or just makes me look big
 - Blue and brown yarn
(made 2009)
doesn't really look great with much
 - Maroon taffeta
(made 2010)
Great and really dressy.  Need narrow skirt or pants to go with

Grey Emma One Sock  t-shirt
(made 2011)
Love it, fits well and looks expensive

green and blue lacy poly sleeveless (thrift 2011)
great color, fits well

Royal blue with white cuffs
(thrifted 2011)
Sleeves are too long

Black and white sleeveless babydoll (thrifted/reworked 2011)
Great with rose colored linen pants

black short sleeve peasant style   (gift 2011).
good with green shorts

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