Thursday, April 19, 2012

Homework, Homework, Homework - vote?

Don't give up on me folks. I've been knee deep in homework for my Principles of Design class.  Major project turned in today, probably 25+ hours of work finished today with 35 minutes to spare.

One final project, a presentation board with 4-5 original designs around a central theme.  The instructor suggested starting with a title and working from there.  Categories are lingerie, athletic wear, business, sportswear, bridal, formal, cocktail, maternity, etc.

Here are my possibilities so far:

Possible Titles for my Design theme:
Barrista vs. Godzilla
Shakespeare in Love
Ashland Weekend
Wine Festival Weekend
Museum Mania
Sunset Magazine Tour
Andronico Adventure
Safeway at Sunset
Suburban Safari
Gym Rat
Day after Divorce
Smart Cookie
Foster’s Freeze if You Please
Backyard BBQ Belle
Makers Faire
Black and White Ball
Cardigan Frenzy
Geek Squad
Commuter Cutie
Feisty Fiesta
Classic in Pearls
Cupcake Cutie
Union Square Lunch
Tortillas and Chips and Beer Oh My!
Reception at Cantor Hall
Dinner at Chez TJ
Coconut Rendezvous
Fashion Week Tickets
What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas
Private Flight With the Mile High Club
Legally Blonde
Bond, James Bond
Shaken Not Stirred
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Disneyland Daydreams
Shaun of the Dead
Lark in the Park in the Dark
Champagne Picnic and Caviar Dreams
Stepford Wives Unite!
Coffee Tea or Me?
Tuesday Morning Rendezvous
Hello Sunshine
See How She Runs?
Lady Madonna, Baby at Her Breast
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
Michelle My Belle
Daddy Took My T-Bird Away
Nights in White Satin
Night Moves at the Hotel California
Marion the Librarian Goes to a Chick Flick
Mabel Isn’t in the Stable Anymore
The Love Boat
Pink Floyd meets Moon Unit Zappa

Pretty Woman, Walking Down the Street, Pretty Woman, the Kind You’d Like to Meet

Isn’t it Good, Norwegian Wood?
Strawberry Fields Forever
Dandelion Wine Makes You Feel Fine in the Summertime
Brick Chicken-House
Murderess on the Orient Express
Mirror, Mirror
Dinner at Nine Would Be Divine
Date at Eight, That’s Great!
Suggested Colors
Your Table is Waiting… Right This Way
Calling Lovebirds, Party of Two, Lovebirds, Party of Two?

 Which is your favorite?

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