Friday, April 27, 2012

TGBM Tally with George

George and I went to Blvd. Coffee in Los Gatos, CA tonight for "Blvd Live" and listened to a wonderful singer/guitar player named Alejandro.

TGBM Tally Michelle:

Thrifted: Blouse (2012), Purse (2011-not pictured)
Gifted: Earrings (2011)
Bought from artist(s): Both necklaces (2009 and 2011)
Bought Retail: Shoes (2010)
Made: Skirt (2011) and slip (2011-not pictured)

TGBM Tally George:
All retail - however, George gets extra credit for his Topsiders (shoes) which he has had for as long as I have known him (16 + years) and he has resoled them twice.

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