Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sewing with a purse frame - brand new creation

I just finished making my first bag from a purse frame.  I got the frame at Lacis in Berkeley.

I traced the bottom edge of the frame and used it to make a paper pattern.

I then slashed and spread the paper to get a larger bottom.

For the outside I used two different fabrics I got at a  FABMO distribution event.

I sewed the bottoms of the bags on the machine and the bags to the frames by hand.

I added a vintage pin one one side, yep, I got it at a thrift store.

The inside is lined with cotton I picked up at the Talbotts (not Talbots) outlet in Carmel Valley, CA (fantastic cottons and silks)

pictures of Talbott fabrics, contact info

On the inside rim I sewed a bit of horsehair braid over the cotton to protect it from wear.

Really really fun!  I am satisfied with the results. This first effort was rather time-consuming and I learned quite a bit, so perhaps it will be faster next time.

Yes, I would do it again!

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