Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pants made into skirt

I loved the color of this skirt--it is a perfect match for my eyes.  It started out as a pair of pants that fit okay, but not great.  I was so sold on the color that I bought them anyway with the intention of trying to turn them into a skirt and it worked!

I opened up the inseam (inside seam) to just below the zipper in front and just to the roundest point on the booty in the back.  I then folded back the seams to form an open triangle.  I inserted fabric from the cut-off lower part of the pants underneath and pinned it in place.  I sewed a narrow seam on the top edge so it captured the inset panel on the underside.  

TGBM Tally:
Thrifted: Skirt (2011), Turtleneck (2012)
Gifted: Nothing
Bought: Shoes (2010?), Earrings (<1983)
Made: Skirt was reworked, so partially made.

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