Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Summer dresses

We just had a mini heat wave (as opposed to the northeast) and I went looking for a summer dress a.k.a. sundress.  I found a pattern in my stash that looked promising, Simplicity 2927. 

I made up a test garment (sleeveless) and have a few problems to solve:

- The keyhole in the front shows the top of my bra so I will raise it a bit.

- The front side panel dips a bit low on my figure so I want to raise it.

- Last and most common, the booty area is a bit snug in the back and just above that is loose (sway back).

I went to my personal sloper and used it to make a new bodice. I coverted the darts to flare in the skirt and raised the side panels. I kept the original neck band as it fit well. 

I'm going to sew up the muslin tomorrow.  Once I get this pattern perfected I will probably make a handful for summer and I'm guessing they will be my go-to dress for hot weather.

One of my favorite things about this pattern is that although it is sleeveless the yoke covers my bra straps perfectly.



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