Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fantasy Closet

I have a recurring fantasy of a closet with a limited number of items all with some amazing feature -- artistic, classic, beautiful fabric, unusually draped or constructed, with outstanding details, etc.

Something like having access to a movie wardrobe collection, or a couture collection in someone's New York closet, or a museum quality collection of garments.  I so admire bold style of the ladies Ari features in his blog Advanced Style.  Given that I live in the suburbs and not New York even if I had that closet I'm not sure I could wear it to shop at Costco and Target.

I can still have something approximating my vision and I've gotten closer over the years. I have some amazing garments that are favorites.

Today I took a few bags of clothes and 3 pairs of shoes to Goodwill.  That is a far cry from having a limited number of items in my closet.

What is it about giving up items of clothing?

I notice that I have a standard back-of-the-mind set of thoughts regarding giving something up. They go something like this (no particular ranking):
  • I might find something that goes with that later
  • I might wear that later
  • I should be wearing that more
  • It was expensive
  • Maybe I could take it to a consignment store and sell it (almost never do)
  • I planned to combine that with (something) hmm, haven't done that yet, maybe this week.
  • If I loosen the fastener/ or shift the buttons/ or raise the hem / or dye it / or take in the waist / or covered the itchy waistband (did two of those tonight), etc... I would like it better / it would fit better
  • Maybe I can rework it into something else (frequent thought about cashmere for some reason)
  • I'll use it until I get a nicer version (of whatever "it" is)
  • I'm tired of it now but I think I could come back around to liking it again after a rest
  • It is a classic and I can brag about how long I've had it (thought today when looking at a wool knit (St John level quality) that I've had for at least 25 years and last wore a decade ago.) I kept it. : >
  • I'll regret giving it away (has happened on occasion)
  • I made it, how can I give it up?
  • And the classic - maybe I will lose some weight
Sometimes I do break out of a rut and wear garments in new combinations (fun!) and that also becomes a reason not to get rid of things because they might be just what I need for that next combination.  There is a bit of scarcity in that perspective. 

I do best at purging when I think of my closet as revolving, existing in a combination of what is there and what will/can be there. Even better when I am present to the fact that if garments are not being worn they are a useless resource in that they are not available for anyone else to use.

I have noticed that many of my TGBM tally posts are made up of garments which were acquired in the last 2 years. Makes sense because I've been experimenting with inexpensive thrift store purchases.

What is your ideal?

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