Sunday, March 4, 2012

Millinery class begins

I started my millinery class with Wayne Wichern yesterday at Canada College.  Wayne is a wonderful teacher.  I walked into the room about 10 minutes early and he had already set up, was relaxed and smiling with a compliment for everyone, and had music playing!  It was such a nice way to begin.

We watched a straw hat being blocked and a buckram hat base being fashioned.  Once the demostration was complete Wayne put on music while we worked, really really nice.

We cut out our own buckram hat parts and next saturday we will finish covering them and we will have our own "boaters". We also had a chance to work on "facinators" - a type of whimsical tiny hat worn for cocktail parties and the like. I started a red fascinator which I will post when it is done.

I was looking at the Advanced Style blog (featured earlier) and enjoying the photos of chic women in their 70's - 90's. I noticed a good percentage of them wore hats.  Ari, the blog author commented that older women really know how to accessorize with hats, gloves, pins, and jewelry.

For grandparents day at my granddaughter's school last year I dressed up like I remember by grandmother dressing, with a dress, heels, swing coat, rhinestone broach, gloves, vintage snap closure purse and a old fashioned felt hat made by bay area milliner Rosemary Greene.  I made a couple stops afterwards and people stopped me and commented, one of them said I dressed like the ladies in Britain.  It was fun.  Anyone up for a vintage dress-up day on the town?

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