Thursday, March 1, 2012

TGBM Tally x 2

This is what I was wearing in the house before I changed went out in the BRRrrrrrr cold.

Thrifted: Nothing

Gifted: bracelet & necklace (can't see them)

Bought Retail: Pants (2011), Shoes (2011)

Made: Kimono Style top (2011). t-shirt underneath (2011)

I changed into the troublesome wool sweater (comments 2/27) and safety pinned it shut, added a jacket, then headed up to the campus.

Thrifted: Jacket (2012, with new buttons, highlighted in 1/21 post), Sweater (2012)

Gifted: earrings & necklace (2012, can't see them)

Bought Retail: Pants (2011), Shoes (2011), White shirt (2010), Scarf (2009)

Made: Nothing

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