Sunday, March 18, 2012

TGBM Tally and Franchised clothing recycling stores and more

TGBM Tally:

Thrifted: Hoodie (2012), Facconable button down shirt with daisies (2011)

Gifted: Belt (2010?), necklace and pendant (thanks Dad and Judy)

Bought: Jeans (2010), Socks (2012), Slippers (2010)

Made: Earrings (2011)


     I haven't heard of this chain of stores before but I am intrigued.  They are franchising clothing recycling for-profit stores:

"With over 300 Plato's Closet store locations throughout the United States, and Canada, that number continues to grow. Be part of the trend and turn your passion into your business!

A Plato’s Closet franchise offers entrepreneurs a very unique small business opportunity, based on a sound business model and the support of parent company, Winmark Corporation. Initial investment requirements range from $178,500 - $354,000*.

    In other clothing recycling news I've been reading about those big metal collection boxes for "Clothes, Shoes".  Not all of them are owned by charities.  If you want your donation to go to a non-profit check the name on the bins and check online to see what type of outfit they are.

   I also enjoyed this article about recycling being a way of life in the last century (remember string balls?)

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