Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Threads Magazine is my all-time favorite sewing magazine.  Even if you don't subscribe the website is worth a visit as they frequently post articles and other interesting information. The magazine itself has a more sophisticated sensibility (usually) than Sew News. 

Vogue Patterns is alright and they too have articles. 

Even if you are not a sewer there is an interesting and useful feature on Vogue patterns--they designate what body shapes work best with each pattern.  They use symbols, here is their explanation:
Figure Flattery
Determine your body shape from the explanations below and use our KEY TO FIGURE FLATTERY diagram to select styles that are particularly flattering to your figure. Choosing styles suited to your body shape can also eliminate the need for most pattern adjustments. Look for the figure symbol that indicates your body shape, then proceed with confidence, knowing that your pattern adjustments will be minimal and your finished garment will be pure figure flattery.

Inverted Triange THE INVERTED TRIANGLE: Large bust and/or broad shoulders with narrow hips.

Triangle THE TRIANGLE: Small bust and/or narrow shoulders with full hips and/or thighs.

Rectangle THE RECTANGLE: Balanced on top and bottom, but boxy, with little or no waist definition.

Hourglass THE HOURGLASS: Equally balanced on top and bottom, with a trim waist."
- source: http://voguepatterns.mccall.com/v1274-products-15137.php?page_id=2847

Soooo - if you are looking for input on what types of clothing might look good on your frame browse the pattern collection.  Just click on a pattern to bring up the details including the figure symbols for each one. I'm somewhere between a triangle and hourglass.

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