Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New (to me) jeans

I found a pair of jeans (that fit!) at Goodwill yesterday.  They are in the dryer right now so pictures soon.

There are more jeans in most thrift stores than any other single type of ladies clothing. For this reason I am often not patient enough to look through the enormous racks.  This time I employed a strategy that cut down my browsing time quite a bit.

I am average height, but somehow by the time jeans make it to a thrift store they've often shrunk so it seems difficult to find a pair that is long enough. My strategy was to browse by looking at the bottom of all the pant legs to spot the pairs that were longest and only check the size on those.

It worked!  I found two pairs that fit.  The one that fit best I bought for $8.99.  The other pair were "Lucky" brand which must be some type of big deal because they were a whopping $29.  They did not fit perfectly so I left them there.

My daughter says that jeans in retail stores are really, really expensive.  I prefer used jeans because I already know that they've been shrunk and I'm not going to drop $$$$$ only to have something shrink to not fit and not be returnable. The ones I got for $8.99 are Gap brand and a recent style.

Happy hunting.

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  1. OMG! That is a fabulous tip! At 5'10" I seem to never be able to find jeans at the thrift store that are long enough so I stopped trying. But your idea is so simple, I am a little embarrassed I didn't think of it! :) Thanks for the tip!