Saturday, March 17, 2012

Millinery Class

What you see here is a work in progress from my Millinery class with Wayne Wichern at Canada College.  We learned how to make a hat from scratch using a buckram foundation.

Buckram is a stiffened cloth that reminds me of needlepoint canvas.

My hat is covered in quilting weight cotton. The pin came from where? Goodwill of course -- for less than $15.
I found it with my sister Suzy-Q in Colorado Springs.

The third type of hat is straw.  Wayne demonstrated starting with a straw flat (literally like a tortilla), he wet it, and then shaped it over a wooden hat block to dry into shape. In a week Wayne blocked a hat for everyone in our large class in their size and preferred color - he is a saint and a very generous man.  Great teacher. He also gives workshops in his studio in Redwood City CA and other locations.  Check his website for details.

Wayne - Thank you!!!!

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